Intercultural communities

Ansgar’s Church is a diverse church with many different communities. There is room for you regardless of age, status, clothing style or interests - no matter where you come from and where you are going. God has created us different and together we can meet in the church and explore what it means to us, our city and our world that He is always already full of love for us.

A special invitation for you who feel different

The Bible is full of stories about how God meets people on the edge, the strangers and those who are on the outside. We have a dream that our church will also be full of fellowship with people who have given up hope on fellowship, but whom God has never given up on.

In our parish, every tenth is born outside of Denmark and has other cultural roots. Maybe the language is challenging, maybe it's hard to feel at home. Some have been in Aalborg for many years, while others have just arrived. Some are here only a semester, while others settle down. Some have just arrived due to the war in Ukraine, others earlier due to other wars. Some are studying, have been headhunted or have fallen in love with an Aalborg resident.

From this autumn, Elsk Aalborg International will move to Ansgar's Church. It is a community with free Danish classes, activities, fun and help. Maybe you know someone to invite? Maybe you want to participate in the Danish classes and activities as a teacher, student, organizer, host or helper? You are hereby invited! The details are not yet in place, so follow the church's website and Facebook or contact Hanna to hear more.

We practice curiosity

Maybe Elsk Aalborg International will be the spark that creates other new communities, but we also hope that it will open doors to the many wonderful communities that already exist and make these more diverse. What would it look like if the baby hymn singing team was more varied? Or the parish evenings, the website or the nursing home services?

We can all practice curiosity and become better at seeing and meeting the foreign and those who are different.

Hanna Pedersen, is employed part-time in Aalborg Diocese as coordinator and chairman of the Danish Church's migrant cooperation and from the autumn she will have her office in Ansgar's church.